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Quickly Find and Fix Errors in Your Financial Data on Third Parties like

  • Thomson/Reuters
  •  Bloomberg
  •  Yahoo Finance

and others – suppliers used by analysts and investors to value your company.


The IR Issues Blog

Look for articles on the goal, strategy, execution and measurement of investor relations.  These will be high thought level articles, and reader comments will be encouraged.  There will also be a special focus on the data communications aspect of IR, now that active investment no longer represents the largest component of equity investment capital. 

The IR Book

The first edition of The IR Book was written by William “Bill” Mahoney over 20 years ago. It will now be continuously annotated and updated with the most contemporary information and use cases where applicable, by Bill and John Lewis.  We chose to annotate rather than edit the copy to preserve the valuable historical perspective. The first 3 of 26 chapters are available now.

IR Lite

Links to 7 minute Vlogs of “How it Was” stories, interviews with IR legends and the lighter side of IR.  IR did not always lack its fun element.  We are going to bring that back.

IR Index

You know how hard it is to find IR topics on Google.  First thing you always get are corporate IR sites, because those are the most searched.  With the IR Index, you can easily find articles and other materials on IR topics.

IR Tube

“How To” videos and discussions of contemporary IR topics such as The History of Investor Targeting.

Current Post

The first three chapters of The IR Book have now been published. Click on Chapter 1, 2 or 3 in the list of 26 Chapters to begin.